Thursday Night Heresy

Second Outting

played 9/8/16

With the trapdoor being triggered, wild combat ensues! Highlights include:

  • Quara immediately being helped back up the trapdoor and the bad guys wondering why they didn’t make a more dangerous trap
  • Tirzin freezing wine on the stairs to slow the zombie advance
  • Classic “barrels on the stairs trap” + Quara’s arrows effectively keep zombies at bay
  • Callie, Drusilia, and Tirzin jump back down the trapdoor (onto ice) and engage Karroleen and her lackeys through the cage bars
  • Lackeys die, Karroleen escapes on her goat legs!

After catching up with Spurtz and Constable Blackwater, the characters investigate the cult HQ, finding Karroleen‘s notebook, a goblin cook with a strong dislike for Drusilia, and some treasure. The PC’s quickly pursue through the tunnel and are attacked by the reluctant, yet dangerous spirits of the halfling and dragonborn from the tombs earlier.

The tunnel eventually ends in what the players soon discover to be the Silverblood Mine, near Barovia. The tunnel entrance from the mine is a “Platform 9 and 3 Quarters” style gateway. After some shenanigans with the smell of natural gas in the mine, the players escape the mine to Barovia, where a pox plague is in full swing.

Drusilia teams up with Brother Lucian and Father Octavius to begin combating the illness. The rest of the party gets some potions and holy water-dipped crossbow bolts before crashing at the Bluewater Inn.


ZachO ZachO

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