Thursday Night Heresy

First Outting

played 9/1/16

3rd Morndas, Silyol, 312

The Player Characters begin their adventure as hired caravan guards working for Stu, Barb, and Sally, a family of travelling wine merchants.

After 10 days of peaceful travel together, combat ensues when the party is ambushed by goblins on the Forefinger Bridge. The goblins were routed, with one of them limping off to hide in a hut. Callie stalked him until a wolf-riding goblin came searching. Callie and Drusilia slew the approaching rider and his wolf. Drusilia then healed and proselytized the goblin, Durr, who offered information on the actions of a necromancer before departing.

The party then turned North from the bridge and headed to Lindell, a wooded hamlet build around the stone tower Summerhold. As the Player Characters arrive, Lindell is recovering from a zombie attack. Pabst and Fenya Durgen greet the PC’s and welcome them to Lindell, as the people there could use more defense after sending Constable Blackwater and other guards off to investigate.

The players stay at “The Bee’s Barb,” the inn of Lindell run by Sven. Tirzin earns some fans with his song horn and wrestling skills, and Drusilia gets rejected by Faendal, who speaks thieve’s cant. Faendal makes a deal with Callie and gets her to distract Pabst. She even gets a letter of recommendation from the mayor, but never sees its contents.

This works out great, and Kratos, the Greatest is released.

It’s revealed that it Faendal was an imposter, and everyone goes to bed.

3rd Tirdas, Silyol, 312

Fenya Durgen wants the party to follow the tracks of the undead to their source, and Pabst wants the party to follow the tracks of the undead to where they’re going. The players choose the latter.

Zombies are found attacking Mayberry, a small hamlet in the woods adjacent to a good fishing lake, and the players intervene. Gamwise Samgee and his friends are very grateful for the save, and he gives the players some magical items (bag of holding, boots of elvenkind, immovable rod, and nightvision goggles, as well as some potions) after reading Pabst’s letter.

The players then follow the tracks to their origin, a cave outside of Lindell. After surveying a series of tombs, and perhaps seeing a clue concerning Drusilia’s long-lost half brother, the players sneak through the underground cult headquarters. After donning disguises, the party investigates a room full of barrels. They discover wine that is poisoned, but only shortly before Quara fell through a trap door, ending the first session.


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