Thursday Night Heresy

Fourth Outting

Played 9/29/16

3rd Sundas, Silyol 312 (continued)

After defeating Octavius and Doru in the wee hours of the morning, the players head off to check on Burnie Cinders. The fire mage has been poisoned with what he thinks is basilisk venom, and he will soon be turned to stone. Brother Lucian proves useless, and distraught upon hearing of Octavius‘s death, but he does not blame the players. Esteban, on the other hand, gives the players Burnie’s magical diviner, which allows them to track Elia, a great healer and musician.

The players then return to the inn to sleep, nomming on some drug pies in the process. They awake in the late afternoon to learn that Ireena Kolyanovich has been elected mayor of Barovia. No sign of Arnold Silverblood or Izek Strazni has been seen, but most Barovians suppose that they’re still in the manor cellar.

4th Middas, Silyol 312

After three days of travel, one dead bugbear scout and a bugbear party avoided, the players reach a cave entrance that opens onto a road. Upon entering, the players solve the first puzzle quickly. “Create that which is so fragile that to utter its name would break it.” Silence was created by muffling the wind and putting out the braziers, and the large stone doors opened.

The players are greeted with the scent of decaying flesh and the distant sound of a lamenting song. At the intersection of hallways just inside, the players search left, into “Ye Old Bar.” Three skeletons loomed over the slain corpses of this establishments patrons. Tirzin is suddenly compelled toward the distant singing, and lets out a shout when he is restrained, alerting the skeletons of the PCs’ presence. One is destroyed and the other two sealed in the bar with the immovable rod.

Before the players can get their bearings, they are assailed by a harpy, her magic song, and two large ogre zombies under the control of Karroleen. Callie and Quara pepper the harpy with arrows, but the group is forced to retreat by the huge undead monstrosities. They escape into the “Performers’ Quarters,” where they are able to lock the heavy wooden door behind them.

As one of the zombies hammers at the door, the players are forced to solve a puzzle involving a keyboard-based cipher and a poorly-crafted riddle concerning the past. As Callie figures it out, Drusilia and Quara see that the resident performing group has some connections to their respective pasts. In addition, two of the four musicians depicted in each painting in the room are the dragonborn and halfling that lay in the crypts of Karroleen’s previous base of operations.

The PC’s solve the puzzle right as the zombies break through, opening a secret door into Elia‘s room that is too small for the zombies to traverse. The PC’s then abuse the narrow passage to put free damage on one ogre zombie, use Elia’s invisibility spell to assassinate the harpy, but Karroleen turned invisible and ran into the theater before they could finish her.

Cornered and having failed with the ace-up-her-sleeve spell scroll, Karroleen gave herself up. The players interrogated her and learned some important tidbits of info: Kratos, the Greatest has plans to take over the capitol, he somewhat forced Karroleen into doing her evil deeds, and Faendal’s impersonator is a changeling named Domhal who is systematically removing powerful good guys from the face of the earth, including Elia and her son.

The players decide to let Karroleen live, but to cut off her hands and tongue to prevent her from casting spells in the future. Elia is happy to help after hearing that her son is in danger. As they depart the performance hall, it is discovered that Elia is the mother of Drusilia‘s half brother Damien. Elia and PC’s gear up and get read to track down a basilisk, as its eyes will be the key ingredient in the elixir that is needed to save Burnie Cinders, and potentially Pabst and Fenya Durgen.


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