Thursday Night Heresy

Third Outting

played 9/15/16

3rd Fredas, Silyol 312

The players awake in the Bluewater Inn and chat with Ismark and Ireena Kolyanovich over breakfast. The innkeepers inform them of places of note in Barovia, namely the mine, church, wizard’s tower outside town, and the Silverblood Mansion. The Kolyanovich couple also gives their opinion concerning the town’s lousy mayor, Arnold Silverblood, and his cruel thug, Izek Strazni.

The players then go to talk to Octavius, who appears busy, but discloses his opinion that the pox should be blamed on the Silverblood mining operation.

Then Drusilia chats with Barry, the mine foreman, who shares conspiracy theories concerning the church’s cremation policies. The players follow this up and, thanks to some expert sneaking by Callie and a careless undertaker named Thad, discover that something is definitely amiss. Bodies were being dropped through a trap door before being thrown back up.

Drusilia sits down for dinner with Brother Lucian. Lucian spills the beans on Octavius‘s recent past: his wife Krea died, his son Doru is missing, and it’s time for him to take a sabbatical.

The players head back to the Bluewater Inn and plot their next move, but not before Drusilia has a strange vision. At exactly 4:23 am, the PC’s gear up and head to the church, but not before waking the innkeeper.

The party enter the church basement through some creaky storm doors and open the trap door only to see a vampire spawn. The noise made by the fiend draws the attention of Octavius, who catches Tirzin and Quara in the basement while Callie and Drusilia manage to hide.

The vampire spawn is the Father’s son Doru, and Octavius is simply trying to keep him alive. He only feeds him blood from the dead. The bodies are then delivered to a secret door in the mines to Karroleen, though Octavius claims to not know why. He’s just trying to cure his son.

The players then head to the tower of the fire mage, Burnie Cinders. They are greeted by a “No flammable objects past this point” sign, chests for the safe storage of said flammable objects, fireproof robes, and a magmin named Esteban. After a brief exchange with the mage via a scroll with flaming ink being consumed by Esteban, the PC’s are invited into the oven-like tower.

The conversation is a pleasant one. Key pieces include the fact that Burnie Cinders misses Reginald Silverblood, dislikes his heir Arnold Silverblood, and he asks the players to deliver something for him. More specifically, he wants them to deliver a Manual of Iron Golem Construction to Vrothar, the red dragon up north. He gives the players a ring of fire resistance.

The players confront Arnold Silverblood. He shows his arrogance, dismisses the zombie threat, has his bodyguard Izek Strazni rough up Callie, confiscates the ring, and eventually sends a rider to investigate the supposed zombie threat. The players then return to the Bluewater Inn, where Ismark and Ireena Kolyanovich are proud of them for standing up to the “burgomaster.”

3rd Sundas, Silyol 312

The rider is late in returning, arriving after midnight, and he has a horde of goblin zombies (mentioned in Karroleen’s notebook) in tow. Drusilia fetches Burnie Cinders, who takes an arrow in the fighting but who “loves the smell of napalm in the morning,” so to speak. Quara has an odd encounter while rescuing Morgantha, her pies, and her friend.

Callie, Tirzin, and Drusilia kick some zombie butt, but then they SPLIT THE PARTY.

Quara and Drusilia go with Octavius to check on Doru, but then the priest betrays them, shoving Dru into the vampire’s pit!

In the meantime, the Kolyanovich’s have rallied the townsfolk against Arnold Silverblood, trapping him and his bodyguard Izek in the basement cellar safe room. Arnold’s wife is drugged out on one of Morgantha’s pies. Callie makes off with her ring, 4 other rings, and the deed to a windmill.

Back to the church basement, Drusilia narrowly escapes being eaten by the vampire spawn while Quara and Octavius trade blows. The priest feigns surrender before trying to free his son, but the effort is foiled by one immovable rod. Callie and Tirzin arrive just in time to miss the fight. The PC’s kill the traitor and the fiend, using holy water and fire to be sure. And thus ended the third session.


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