Halfling Rogue


STR 14
DEX 17
CON 13
INT 13
CHA 10

Proficient Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Investigation, and Deception

Possessions of Note: Boots of Elvenkind, Ring of Fire Resistance


“Calliope (”Callie") Thorngage was born the illegitimate child of her mother, Melody Thorngage (a lightfoot halfling), and an unnamed stout halfling her mother met on her family’s nomadic travels. Callie never really fit in with the rest of the family — always looked different (like her father’s family), and didn’t really have any musical talents like the rest of them. Instead, Callie always had an insatiable curiosity to explore her surroundings. In this case, surroundings often included people’s homes and other buildings in the towns they were visiting. For the most part, she just wanted to see what things looked like. Sometimes, though, she took small trinkets — the rich folks’ whose homes she was visiting probably wouldn’t miss these things, and the poor outside surely needed it more, anyway. This led her to become fairly friendly with “colorful” people in the region, too. They were more her friends than the others in her family.

Anyway, one day Callie took a “trinket” as a gift for her mother. Unfortunately, it was more than just a “trinket” and she took it from the wrong person. When the law enforcement thugs traced it back to her family’s camp, she ran, afraid to be caught. Unfortunately, they found her mother with the stolen item, and beat her severely. Ashamed of her actions, Callie ran away from her family and has been wandering alone. She just hopes that her good deeds will eventually outweigh her shame."


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