Elvish Cleric


STR 10
DEX 16
CON 12
WIS 16
CHA 13

Proficient Skills: Insight, Medicine, Perception, Persuasion, and Religion

Possessions of Note: …


“Drusilia was born in a village along the edge of the forest whose inhabitants frequently traded with the human Kingdom of Tethyr, though the community has grown increasingly insular and suspicious of humans after the atrocities of the Tethyrian Civil War. Her family and some others, however, never stopped dealing humans. This drew the suspicion of other wood elves. After her mother’s death, her father Riardon grew even closer to the humans. Rumors of her father having a half-human child, which he denied, led to their community shunning them in disgust.

They wandered for many years until, about fifty years ago, coming into the service of a temple of Lasander. They both eventually converted to his worship. Shortly thereafter, her father admitted to Drusilia that her half-brother existed, and that he intended to find him. Riardon left without any other explanation.

Despite the hardships and unanswered, Drusilia grew to love the temple ever more, becoming a joyful and compassionate servant of Lasander. She found her calling as a healer and groundskeeper for the temple, often rushing to the aid of villagers struck by violence and patrolling the neighboring lands whenever danger lurked. Wanderlust and a desire to know her father and half-brothers’ fate eventually struck, however, so she took to wandering Faerun, providing a healer’s services wherever they were needed."


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