Human Musician and Healer


Elia is a middle-aged human woman. She has displayed composure in a tough situation, and an intense cruelty in defense of her son as she maimed Karroleen. She is capable of casting cure wounds, invisibility, bardic inspiration, and potentially more.


With Burnie Cinders turning to stone after being shot with a poison arrow, he sent the PC’s on a quest to find Elia, knowing that she would be able to heal him.

The players rescued Elia from her own establishment, an underground theater that had recently been overrun by Karroleen, her “boys” (two ogre zombies), and a harpy that was jealous of Elia’s musical career.

Elia has agreed to lend her skills as a bard to the players as they seek to get the eyes of a basilisk, a necessary ingredient in the elixir that will heal Burnie Cinders.


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