Faendal (Domhal)

Elvish Woodsman


Faendal’s impersonator snubbed Drusilia’s advances and manipulated Callie into distracting Pabst long enough to release Kratos, the Greatest from Summerhold.

Faendal’s impersonator is suspected by some of the Player Characters of having shot Burnie Cinders during the zombie attack on Barovia.

He also played a roll in Kratos’s test of wisdom for the Player Characters, where they correctly identified the real Stu, Barb, and Sally.


Faendal was a citizen of Lindell who offered hunting, trapping, and tracking services. Faendal was Sven’s former lover before being captured and impersonated. The real Faendal is presumed dead.

Faendal (Domhal)

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