Izek Strazni

Arnold Silverblood's Thug - deceased


Izek is a large man with quick reflexes and a muscled, reptilian right arm. He wields a battleaxe to terrifying effect, and the townsfolk claim that he can shoot fire from his lizard-like appendage.


Izek is never far from Arnold Silverblood, and nobody seems to know him well. Izek’s backstory is unknown to the townsfolk of Barovia, but they’ve come to despise him for his cruelty regardless.

Izek caught Callie while she was spying on Arnold Silverblood, and he was not particularly gentle with her. He was last seen alive holed up in the basement of the Silverblood Mansion, protecting Arnold from the townsfolk. He has since been hanged with Arnold by Ismark and Ireena Kolyanovich and the abused townsfolk.

Izek Strazni

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