The PC’s thwarted Karroleen’s necromantic operations near the Silverblood Mines, but she escaped their pursuit. She has displayed the ability to cast powerful spells.

The PC’s later encountered Karroleen recently after she had attacked Elia’s theater. After defeating her ogre zombies, the players captured her, and gathered information from her. Karroleens hands and tongue were then removed by Elia after Karroleen threatened her son.


Karroleen’s journal, which is in the possession of the players, reads as follows:

3rd Morndas, Shulnaar, 312 – I’ve had the same dream every night for two weeks now. Some dark force, a seemingly great power, commands me to contact a Barovian “in the house of our foe.” He answers no questions and simply commands my trust. Given my recent struggles finding progress in my necromantic prowess, I am desperate enough that I might actually seek out this mysterious Barovian.
2nd Tirdas, Laatmaas, 312 – My trust has been rewarded! The Barovian has received dreams as well and anticipated my coming, though he refused to divulge their content. He referred to this dream-crafter as “The Greatest.” We shall see. Regardless, so long as I provide the town with the pox infected wine, he will continue to provide me with fresh corpses. The first cartload arrived carrying eight Barovian dead, and I’ve been promised at least as many next week.
2nd Fredas, Laatmaas, 312 – These Barovian dead are flimsy things. They arrive in a curious condition: covered in the pox and missing half their blood! The undead that I’ve managed to create thus far have been consequently weakened. I suppose I’ll have to test them against similarly flimsy foes. I hear there are goblins in the mountains nearby…
4th Morndas, Laatmaas, 312 – The first tests have proven successful. Many goblins fell to my creations, only to be brought back to me, resurrected, and sent back to haunt their old friends. One proved to be not quite dead. He claims to be a cook. We shall see. I’ve acquired some followers who claim to have been led to me by dreams, and they seem to like the goblin’s food. Regardless, I’ve been stockpiling the contact’s most recent deliveries of dead. I’m thinking infusions of wolf’s blood might make them fight more fiercely. The Greatest has put me in touch with an elf in Lindell to acquire the beasts.
2nd Middas, Silyol, 312 – The delivery of wolves arrived just after I unleashed my largest contingent yet, not counting the goblinoids. The Greatest demanded a strike on Lindell, so I had to comply. I would’ve liked higher quality undead to go with the respectable quantity, but hopefully what I sent will be enough to take “Summerhold,” whatever that is. I’ll test my minions on the Pointer’s Bridge guards first to see how they do. The contact’s deliveries have levelled off at about twelve dead per week, and you’ll hear no complaints from me regarding that. The only issue is that I’ll soon need larger cages and more wolves. I’ve already converted one of the goblin hives to the north to house my growing army of goblin undead. He hasn’t confirmed, but I believe The Greatest will soon unleash them on Barovia the fields beyond. We shall see. Given the nature of my Barovian colleague, it would be a Dark Heresy indeed.


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