Priest of Lathander - deceased


Octavius was a large, hale man and priest of Lathander. He demonstrated magical powers, including healing and shooting fire from his fingers. He was slain by the Player Characters after betraying them.


Octavius’s wife Krea died a few months prior to the beginning of the campaign. Soon after, his son Doru nearly committed suicide, only being returned from the brink of death by a powerful vampire. Octavius made a deal with the vampire, begging him to save his son. In exchange, Octavius would follow the instructions that came to him in dreams. He unknowingly supplied Karroleen with fresh bodies for her nercromancy and dispensed the infected wine to the people of Barovia. The vampire saved Doru by turning him into a vampire spawn.

As the Player Characters uncovered what was going on, Octavius betrayed them in his desperation. He pushed Drusilia into the pit where Doru was waiting, chained up. Drusilia and Tirzin defeated Octavius, who pleaded for mercy, before betraying them again by freeing the dangerous vampire spawn. They killed Octavius and Doru after that.


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