Human Fighter


STR 13
DEX 16
CON 11
WIS 15
CHA 14

Proficient Skills: Athletics, Insight, Intimidation, Perception

Notable Possessions:


“Quara never knew her parents. She was raised in an orphanage on the coast, and she ran away at her first opportunity. (That place was spectacularly boring, especially in comparison to the tales she heard at the ocal tavern.) She managed to talk Capt. Sharp, a notorious pirate, into a position in the kitchen on his ship at roughly the age of 13. Although Sharp originally intended to drop Quara at the next port town, she quickly proved herself a valuable (and surprisingly quick-witted) member of his crew. Within 18 months she was a reliable shot with a longbow and had earned a full partnership in Sharp’s crew. Of course, she was then quickly conned out of her earnings and left for dead on an abandoned island. (Or, more accurately, on an island Sharp thought was abandoned.) Quara doesn’t like to talk about the next few years, but her former crewmates are said to have acquired the nasty habit of dying in tavern brawls, and nobody ever seems to remember any details.
Quara is friendly when sober and mean while drunk, and she always has a captivating story for credulous ears in either state. She is an avid collector of buttons, tokens of her far-flung travels across the oceans. She hopes to someday find her parents, though she’d settle for a run-in with Capt. Sharp. Until that day, she’s content to wander whenever the winds may carry her, provided there’s booze nearby.”


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