Dragonborn Sorcerer


STR 16
DEX 11
CON 12
INT 10
CHA 16

Proficient Skills: Athletics, Deception, Persuasion, Survival

Possessions of Note: Bag of Holding, Longsword of Bahamut


“Tirzin of the golden dragon clan Prazdohar, was the first silver scaled in three generations to be born in his village. As an ice breather, he could not perform the clan rituals to his god Bahamut. The last silver born Vorinn, now an elder, mentored him on harnessing the magic of ice that was bestowed on him. To honor his deity for such a wonderous gift, he set about a pilgrimage to the northern temple of Bahamut at the age of adulthood. Early on, he found that amusing strangers was the best way to disarm them of their distrust of dragonborns. He befriends the children of every village he passes by creating snow with his breathe and the bustles with his songhorn to earn coin. He knows the journey will last longer than his will but he also knows Bahamut will guide him to its end.”


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